Flexible, skilled and innovative with many years of applied experience.

On Track Design Solutions (OTDS), know that our clients demand the best. The company uses the latest in CAD and engineering 3D modelling software from Siemens in the form of 'Solid Edge ST' to help in the production and development of the designs we produce.

This ensures maximum compatibility with our suppliers and clients, which in turn allows more scope and flexibility when applying our design expertise.

The software enables us to speed up the engineering design process from the initial idea or concept through to the completed product. This provides our clients with a virtual design prototype which is able to aid in both the review process and visualization of the product designed.

Since incorporation, OTDS have worked with many of the major companies and consultancies within the Rail British Industry.

Some of our clients and projects to date include the following:

  • Balfour Beatty Rail Plant - NTC Clipping Buggies and NTC Wagon Support Framework

  • Serco Rail Operations - Loram C2102 and C2103 Toilet and Wash Station Modules

  • Serco Rail Operations - Loram C2101 Water / Fuel Tank Design

  • Serco Rail Technologies - AIT Instrumentation Project for Tubelines

  • Serco Railtest - Unattended Track Geometry Project

  • Atkins Rail - Vehicle 3D Models for visualization

  • Interfleet Technology - NTC Sleeper Pod Support Bracket Assessment

  • Nomad Digital - WIFI Installation designs across numerous fleets (both UK and Europe)

  • Balfour Beatty Rail Technologies - Bid and Design Support Contract

  • RVEL - Class 73 Design Support

  • Serco Rail Technical Services - Numerous Pantograph Measurement System Projects

  • Network Rail - Scheme Project Management and Project Management services on the Tram Train Project

  • Kiepe Electric UK - Draughting support for Class 442 Refurbishment Project and the Class 170 Drivers USB Project

  • Isle of Man Railways - Design and Draughting services on the Snaefell Tram Fell Brake Project

  • Ricardo Rail - Design and Draughting support for Northern's Digital Train Project

Over the years we have completed many projects, each one with different aspects of both mechanical and/or electrical design for our clients. These range from vehicle interiors or structures to the installation of specialized Instrumentation equipment onto both vehicles and bogies.