Client:                    Serco Rail Operations Ltd

Project:                  Loram Rail Grinder Projects

OTDS have carried out a couple of projects for Serco Rail Operations Ltd since our incorporation.

One project was to design a new 6000 litre tank that was capable of carrying either fuel or water, depending on which Loram C21 Grinding machine it was going to be fitted to. The new tank was to replace an existing fuel tank already installed onto the vehicle; however the new design had to meet the current Railway Group Standards.

The second project undertaken with our client was to design 2 bespoke units for the Loram C2102 & C2103 Grinding machines. These units were a standalone Toilet Module and Wash station facility that was located on the rear platform area of one of the vehicles.

These units were designed to meet the current regulations and guidelines for this type of facility as well as the Railway Group Standards.

Both of these projects were a complete Turnkey exercise. OTDS were responsible for the Project Management, FEA Calculations, Design and Electrical Engineering. OTDS did this by partnering with other key suppliers, enabling us to deliver a complete project to our client.

OTDS also supplied both manufacture / installation support and helped our client with support during the VAB process.