Engineering Design Solutions & Engineering Drawing

The team at On Track Design Solutions endeavours to offer all of our clients a complete 'one stop shop' for both Engineering Design solutions and Engineering Drawings.

Our Design Engineers achieve this with a flexible, creative and innovative approach to the whole design process. We aim to focus on creative problem solving, supported by sound engineering principles which provide a start to finish solution from the initial design brief through to installation.

It is the company's aim to offer a wide range of services from Design Management of projects through to supporting the manufacture of the components designed and their respective installation.

Our services include:

  • Design Management
  • Design Project Planning
  • Visualization and Conceptual Imaging
  • Engineering Design
    • Designers
    • Draughting
    • Checking
  • Manufacturing Support
  • Installation Support
  • Turnkey Projects - OTDS offers this service by buying in Project Management, Electrical Engineering and FEA support from specialist partners.

Some of the benefits we can bring are:

  • Flexible approach to design solutions
  • High quality workmanship
  • Client confidentiality across all projects
  • Rapid turnaround of work from initial layouts through to manufacture and installation


This is where we need your input. The more information on your requirements the better, that said we can work with the simplest of sketches or to a more complex design specification if required. We are more than capable to advise and guide you through this process if you are unsure. We want you to be happy about what you get delivered back as the end product.


Through the software that we use the 3D models can be quickly laid out onto a 2D drawing border. Any subsequent changes to the 3D model will show on the 2D drawing as being out of date. Dimensioning and view layout are key to making the drawing. You have to ensure the end user of the information, can read and understand the drawing clearly.


This is not always necessary, but on more complex projects it is recommended. Again like with the manufacturing support we will liaise with your chosen third party installer to make sure the process runs smoothly and efficiently. Mistakes in assembly can often be made and should be avoided. Being there to guide and help just makes installation a whole lot easier.



After sitting with you to determine your needs the design process can begin. We use Solid Edge ST from Siemens to create the 3D models. Visualizations of our work are given to the client throughout this phase to make sure we are meeting their needs. Formal design reviews of the 3D models can also take place if the job is more complex in nature.


If required by our clients we will liaise with the manufacturers of the parts we design so the whole process is smooth and precise, therefore avoiding unnecessary mistakes or material wastage. Information can be supplied to the client or the manufacturer in many different formats to aid the process. This can be in the form of DXF, IGES or STEP files.


We want you to be happy with the whole process so you keep coming back with further projects. Although all the drawings are checked internally to make sure the layout and dimensions contained within the drawing are correct, we want you to have your say and approve the work we have done so that you are completely satisfied that we have met your needs and the original brief.